We Are a Part of God’s Story

One of the greatest dangers we face today is the failure to see out lives as part of this [God’s] grand tale. We settle on living what we imagine to be a much smaller life. We understand the plot line of God entering our story, but we fail to realize we have entered God’s story. Our stories are too small. And consequently our God is too small. Such ignorance is the enemy’s great strategy in this age.

We tend to restrict our God attention to only certain parts of our lives that fit comfortably with our definitions of growth. We look for God where we expect God to be—church, weddings, funerals and the like. It is difficult to imagine that God could be present with us in time of failure or questioning, in moments of hurt or rebellion. But God uses the landscape of our lives to craft and mature us—the good, the bad and the ugly of our stories.

Deep Mentoring, Randy D. Reese and Robert Loane, (Pg. 78-80)

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  1. Edson says:

    That’s a smart answer to a dicffiult question.

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